In The Sims 4, the charisma skill is one of the most important skills that your Sim can learn.

This skill allows your Sim to socialize better, make friends more easily, and even get ahead in certain careers.

In this guide, we’ll go over everything you need to know about the charisma skill in The Sims 4.

We’ll talk about what the benefits are of maxing out this skill, and we’ll also give you some tips on how to level it up quickly.

So, if you want your Sim to be the life of the party, read on!

This Post Is All About The Sims 4 Charisma Skill

Best Mood for the Charisma Skill

If you want to boost your Sim’s Charisma, they must have either the confident or happy traits to do so. When your Sims are happy, it becomes much easier to improve their other skills too! Therefore, you’ll want to ensure your Sim has this trait as you take them on their way to gaining Charisma.

But when it comes to being social, confidence will be most helpful here and will help your Sim establish stronger relationships.

Best Traits for a sim who wants to improve their Charisma Skill

Outgoing- When your Sim is outgoing, they’ll remain positive and build relationships more easily.

Self-Assured -Being self-assured allows your Sim to grow in confidence which can then allow them to interact with other Sims well and become more sociable.

Cheerful – Cheerful Sims naturally improve their happiness moodlet and allow them to build their Charisma skill at a much quicker rate.

Best Mood to help gain the Charisma Skill?

The quickest way to help your sim gain the charisma skill is by putting them in a confident mood, as they are more likely to have positive outcomes from their social interactions.

Having your sims in a happy mood will also help them to gain not only their charisma skill faster but other skills as well.

How to level up in the Charisma Skill

The first way is to communicate with other Sims. Because your Sim will come into contact with others plenty of times in the game, this is a great way to improve the skill. However, you must ensure that you have your Sims talk a lot and keep the conversation going as listening only won’t help boost the skill. Again, having them be both confident and happy will be beneficial here.

Secondly, having your Sim become a keen reader will also help. If your sim has a bookshelf or computer they can use the purchase book option and buy books on the Charisma skill. The only downside to this option is your sim will need to buy all 3 volumes of the book to complete the charisma skill.

Lastly, making use of your mirror to practice interacting can also allow your Sim to become a better communicator. That way, it can make it easier for them to build relationships. The best part about this action is that you don’t have to rely on other sims being present and you can choose to practice whenever it suits you.

How to Cheat the Sims 4 Charisma Skill

If you’re finding that your Sims are struggling to max out the Charisma skill or you are already bored and over it.

Then there is a cheat that can help. To use the cheat, you’ll first need to enable them by pressing ‘Ctrl + Shift + C’ on a computer or ‘All 4 triggers‘ on a console to open the command box. Once the cheat box is open, type in ‘testingcheats true‘ and press enter. With testingcheats enabled, you can now use the following Sims 4 cheats to max out the Charisma skill instantly, type in ‘stats.set_skill_level major_charisma 10‘ and press enter (If you want to change it to a specific level just switch out the 10 for any number between 1-10)

Sims 4 Charisma Skill Levels

Level 1
 – Joke success rate up, learn other Sims’ Traits faster

Level 2 – Brighten Day Interaction

Level 3 – Practice Pick-Up Lines in Mirror, Flatter Interaction and Donate to Online Charity

Level 4 – Smooth Apology and Cheerful Introduction

Level 5 – Flirty Introduction, Start Social Network on Computer and Practice Storytelling in Mirror

Level 6 – Sweet Talk Interaction and Upload Images to Computer.

Level 7 – Ask Sims for a Small Loan and Repay Loan

Level 8 – Enchanting Introduction and Invent New Hashtags

Level 9 – Ask Sims for a Large Loan

Level 10 – Call Boss to Negotiate Promotion and Upload Viral Video

New Charisma skill social interactions

The charisma skill opens up a whole host of new social interaction options for your Sim. The new social interactions your Sim will have access to are as follows:

Brighten Day and Flatter

When your sim gets to levels 2 and 3 of the charisma skill, they’ll get the new social interactions “Brighten Day” and “Flatter”.

Smooth Apology

When your sims get to level 4 of charisma they’ll get access to “Smooth Apology”, allowing them to become more confident and less uncomfortable when talking with other Sims.

“Smooth Apology” can also come in handy when your Sim gets into a disagreement with their partner so that they can move on and return the relationship to normal.

Sweet Talk

When your sim gets to level 6 they’ll be able to use “Sweet Talk” which can help boost your Sim’s relationships, either with friends or partners, at a quick rate.

This is one of the best interactions for strengthening bonds with other Sims!

Charity Donations

You can start giving cash over to charities and allow your Sim to play a part in helping good causes. However, you can only make one donation each day, which you have to make online. The amount you can give can be from $10 to $100 and even up to $1,000. This will also help to boost your Sim’s happiness which can last for up to six hours that day.

Build Social Networking

At level 5, your Sim can begin building a social network and a following. With your Charisma skill growing, you’ll also gain access to other interactions which will further help with the progression of the skill. But you must stay active to be successful. This means making changes regularly to your account so that your Sim can keep up with what’s trending and their follower count will remain high. You’ll also need to have the patience to make progress here as downloading and using new features can take some time.

Writing Comedy Books

Sims with level 7 of Comedy can unlock the option to write comedy books using a computer. Once you publish these books your sims can earn royalties off them, which can be a great source of extra income or if you write a publish enough your sims could earn a decent living. (If you write and publish around 5 books your sims could earn around $1000 a day)

Charisma Skill Introductions

As your sim improves in their charisma skill, they’ll be able to use a variety of new social introductions as they introduce themselves to other Sims.

Friendly Introduction– This will give your sim a small friendship boost.

Funny introduction-This will give your sim a small friendship boost.

Rude Introduction- This will lower the friendship bar with a sim.

Cheerful Introduction- This will give your sim a bigger relationship boost than friendly. (Unlocked level 4 Charisma)

Flirty Introduction- This will give your sim a romantic relationship boost with a sim. (Unlocked level 5 Charisma)

Enchanting Introduction- This will give your sim both a romantic and a friendship boost. (Unlocked level 8 Charisma)

Sims 4 Charisma skill FAQ

What is the charisma skill in The Sims 4?

The charisma skill is a Sims 4 skill that allows your Sim to build social relationships. With this skill, Sims can perform new social interactions with other Sims.

How do you get your charisma skill up in Sims 4?

There are a few ways that you can get your Sims 4 charisma skill up. You can do this by practicing speeches in front of the mirror, and talking with other sims.

How do you unlock charisma skill?

The charisma skill is unlocked by either talking to another sim or practicing speech in front of a mirror.

How can I gain charisma fast?

practicing speeches in front of the mirror. or if you still find that it’s taking too long then you can just cheat it, by using the Sims 4 charisma cheat ‘stats.set_skill_level major_charisma 10′

How do I get my sim in a confident mood?

Sims can get in a confident mood by doing any of the following things:

  • Have your sim brush their teeth, by selecting any sink. (which lasts 4hrs)
  • Psyche self up using a mirror. (which lasts 3hrs)
  • If you sim likes to write, having them finish up writing a book can give them a confidence boost. (which lasts 4hrs)
  • Sims with a high painting skill can get confidence from finishing a good painting. (which lasts 4hrs)
  • Sims with the programing skill can get confident from making a plugin. (which lasts 4hrs)
  • If your sim has level 3 or above in the mischief skill. They can do prank calls which will give them a confident boost. (which lasts 3-4 hrs)
  • Drinking some earl grey tea can boost confident. (which lasts 4hrs)

If you know of any other ways to get your sim into a confident mood, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

How do I get my sim in a happy mood?

Sims can get in a happy mood by doing any of the following things:

  • When all your sims needs are high they’ll be in a happy mood.
  • Have a nice looking rooms will make your sim feel happy. (This will last for as long as the sim is in that room)
  • When your sim gets a bonus they’ll be in a happy mood. (Which lasts 8hrs)
  • Having a Relaxing swim. (Which lasts 4hrs)
  • Having a good Workout. (Which lasts 4hrs)
  • Having a Pleasant Conversation. (Which lasts 2hrs)
  • Playing an instrument with a high skill level, will give your sim a happy mood (Which lasts 4hrs)
  • Cooking or eating something amazing. (Which lasts 4hrs)
  • Having a great WooHoo. (Which lasts 4hrs)
  • Having a pleasant phone call. (Which lasts 2hrs)
  • Brewing green tea. (Which lasts 4hrs)

If you know of any other ways to get your sim into a playful mood, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

Why are cheats not working sims 4?

There are a few reasons why Sims 4 cheats might not be working. The most common reason is that the Sims 4 cheat console is disabled. To enable it, you need to open the Sims 4 cheat console by pressing ‘CTRL + Shift + C‘ on your keyboard or ‘All 4 Triggers‘ on a console. Once the console is open, type in ‘TestingCheats true‘ and press enter. This will enable Sims 4 cheats.

Another reason why Sims 4 cheats might not be working is that you’ve spelled it wrong. Be sure to double-check the spelling of the Sims 4 cheat you’re trying to use.

If neither of those works then try restarting your game.

Are there any mods you recommend to cheat the sims 4 charisma skill ?

There aren’t any mods specifically for the charisma skill, but the MC Command center and UI cheat extension Mod are a great addition to have in your game. Both of these allow you to cheat the charisma skill in the game as well as a host of other skills and features.

The UI cheat extension allows you to cheat a number of elements by just clicking on them in your sims UI, whereas the MC command center mod has a few more steps, but allows you to cheat even more stuff.

The great thing about both of these is that no cheat codes are required to use them.

The Sims 4 Charisma Skill is a great way to build social relationships with other Sims. With this skill, Sims can perform new social interactions that will help them in their everyday lives.

If you have any questions about the Sims 4 Charisma Skill let me know in the comments below!

This Post Was All About The Sims 4 Charisma Skill

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