Are you a fan of Christmas? Look no further than these amazing Christmas tree CC options!

Sims 4 Christmas Tree CC

From traditional evergreens to modern and unique designs, there are plenty of options to choose from for all types of players.

So why settle for the same old in-game trees when you can have so much more!

We have compiled a list of the best Sims 4 Christmas tree CC to help you get into the holiday spirit and make your sims homes look festive and cozy. So let’s dive right in!

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Best Sims 4 Christmas Tree CC

1.Sims 4 Table-Top Tree By linzlu

Sims 4 Table-Top Tree

This adorable and intimate Christmas tree is perfect for small spaces or apartments.

It’s perfect for placing on a table and comes in a classic green, pink and blue version.

2. Sims 4 Christmas Set By strangestorytellersims

Sims 4 Christmas Set

Sims 4 Christmas Set By strangestorytellersims: Your One-Stop Festive Solution!

Are you in search of the perfect Christmas tree and all the trimmings to turn your Sims’ homes into winter wonderlands?

This custom content package features not just one, but four charming Christmas trees, a generous pile of presents, fresh decoration boxes, and the most amazing garland you can imagine.

Typically, I wouldn’t choose a white tree, but I must admit, the combination of white and purple has really captured my attention.

3. Sims 4 Customizable Christmas Tree By sims4studio

Sims 4 Customizable Christmas Tree

Your Dream Christmas Tree Awaits! Get ready to embark on a holiday decorating adventure like never before with the sensational Customizable Christmas Tree by sims4studio.

This custom content creation is a game-changer, offering you the opportunity to craft your very own festive masterpiece.

With an array of customization options, including 11 swatch colors for the tree itself, as well as plain round baubles with 5 swatches and rose decorations with 10 swatches, the possibilities are endless.

4. Sims 4 Industrial Lookin’ Christmas! By littledica

Sims 4 Industrial Lookin' Christmas

For the urban and industrial style lovers, this light-up Christmas tree CC is a must-try. With its unique and edgy design, it’s sure to make a statement in your Sims’ garden.

It also comes with a light-up present, reindeer, and Christmas lights, so you can give your Sims’ garden a Christmasy makeover.

5. Sims 4 Holidays Christmas Tree By littledica

6. Sims 4 Seasons Holiday Spruce (Thinner Version) By virelais4

seasons spruce tree thinner

This is a thinner version of the original Holiday Spruce tree, making it a great option if your sims live in a homes with limited space.

7. Sims 4 Twig Style Christmas Tree By RAVASHEEN

 Sims 4 Twig Style Christmas Tree

Simple, yet stunning, this twig style Christmas tree by RAVASHEEN is perfect for those who prefer a more minimalistic and modern approach to decorating.

8. Sims 4 Seasons Holiday Spruce Recolor By virelais4

Sims 4 Seasons Holiday Spruce recolor

Tired of the same old color schemes that the Seasons spruce Christmas tree offers? Here are three fresh new color options.

9. Sims 4 Grander Christmas Tree By melonsloth

Sims 4 Grander Christmas Tree

If your Sim resides in a lavish mansion and you’re in pursuit of a truly grand Christmas tree to match their opulent lifestyle, your search ends here with the Grander Christmas Tree by melonsloth.

This exceptional cc offers not one, but three distinct versions to choose from: multicolored, solid color, and glittery colors.

Each swatch is adorned with two types of ribbon (red and white) and two types of tinsel (gold and silver), allowing you to customize to perfection.

Additionally, the decorations themselves come in seven stunning swatches.

10. Christmas Trees! (3 sizes) By simsnetwork

Christmas Trees! (3 sizes)

This cc pack gives you three different tree sizes to choose from, so you can find a tree that fits perfectly into your sims space.

11. Sims 4 Christmas Tree Set By irrelephantsims

Sims 4 Christmas Tree Set

I love having matching Christmas decorations in my Sims’ homes. This set comes with a modern yet stylish Christmas tree, a wreath, and garland, all of which match.

It even includes some other cute holiday season decor as well.

Sims 4 Christmas Tree CC Final Thoughts

There’s no shortage of Christmas tree CC available for the Sims 4 that can fit any style or size of home your Sims might have. From the simple yet elegant twig style Christmas tree by RAVASHEEN to the grandiose and opulent Grander Christmas Tree by melonsloth, there’s something for everyone.

Have any questions or know of any other cool Sims 4 Christmas Tree Custom Content? Leave a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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