Want to learn everything there is to know about the Sims 4 Comedy Skill? 

Sims 4 Comedy Skill Guide

You’ve come to the right place! This guide will teach you all about what the Comedy Skill does, how to max it out, and some tips and tricks for using it. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced Simmer, there’s something here for you! So let’s get started!

This Post Is All About The Sims 4 Comedy Skill

What is the Comedy Skill?

The Comedy Skill is a skill in The Sims 4 that allows your Sim to perform stand-up comedy, write jokes, and tell funnier stories. The better your Sim is at the Comedy Skill, the more successful their performances will be.

If you want your sim to take their comedy Skill further you can give the Joke Star Aspiration, or have them join the Entertainer Career.

Best Traits for a sim who wants to be a comedian.

Outgoing – Sims with the outgoing trait like socializing with other sims more so will make it easier for them when learning the comedy skill.

Goofball – This trait helps Sims to become more playful, which in turn makes it easier for them to learn the comedy skill. If your Sim has this trait, they will also find it easier to make other Sims laugh.

Aspirations to help with the comedy skill

Joke Star Aspiration– This aspiration is the perfect accompaniment for sims who want to be a comedian as it gives your sims a “Gregarious Trait” which will allow them to build friendly relationships faster. (FYI to complete this 2nd and 3rd millstone of this aspiration your sim will need to be in the entertainment career)

Best Mood to help gain the comedy skill?

Having your sim in a particular mood can help them gain skills faster. The ideal mood for your sim to be in before they start practicing the comedy skill is playful.

How to Gain The Comedy Skill

There are a few different ways to gain the Comedy skill in The Sims 4.

The first way is by practicing jokes on other Sims To do this, click on your Sim and select the option to “Practice Joke.” or select other comedy interaction and just keep repeating. (This will however be the slowest method)

Your Sim can also watch comedy TV shows, or read comedy books to gain the skill. To do this, click on the TV and select the “Watch Comedy” option, or purchase a book about comedy from your bookcase or via a computer

Sims can also go to a bar or a club where a mic is and perform comedy.(When your sim gets good they will be able to perform a routine via a mic)

Another option if you have a computer is using the write joke option.

How to Cheat the Sims 4 Comedy Skill

If all of the above sounds like too much you can just cheat your way to the top of the comedy skill. To do this:

Press “CTRL + Shift + C” or a computer or “All 4 Triggers” on a console to open the cheat console.

Type in “testingcheats true” and press enter.

Type in “stats.set_skill_level major_comedy 10” then press enter.

This will give your Sim the highest possible level of Comedy skill.

If you want to set your sims comedy skill to a specific level then you can just change the 10 to any number between 1-10.

Comedy Skill Level Unlocks

Here are all the unlocks you get with the comedy skill

  • Level 1 – Write Jokes on a computer and tell Jokes using a microphone.
  • Level 2 – Tell Knock Knock Jokes to other sims.
  • Level 3 – Compose Short Routine at a Computer, Perform Short Routine on a Microphone.
  • Level 4 – Joke about Fashion.
  • Level 5 – Practice Comedy Routine and Refine Comedy Routines on a computer
  • Level 6 – Compose Medium Routines on a computer, Perform Medium Routine.
  • Level 7 – Write Comedy Books on a computer.
  • Level 8 – Compose Long Routines at a computer, Perform Long routines on a Microphone.
  • Level 9 – Tell a Crowd Pleasing Joke to other sims
  • Level 10 – Improvise Routines at a microphone

Writing Comedy Books

Sims with level 7 of Comedy can unlock the option to write comedy books using a computer. Once you publish these books your sims can earn royalties off them, which can be a great source of extra income or if you write a publish enough your sims could earn a decent living. (If you write and publish around 5 books your sims could earn around $1000 a day)

Comedy skill writing tip

Another thing that not many people know, but if your sim finishes the “Renaissance Sim Aspiration” and gains the professional trait. They can then start writing manuals for the comedy skill, so they’ll be able to make even more money.

Composing Routines

When your sim gets to level 3 in the comedy skill they can start composing routines on the computer. Your sim can then perform routines at bars and earn money for it.

Once your sim gets better in the comedy skill they’ll be able to make longer routines and when they get to level 5 comedy they’ll be able to refine their routines to make them even better.

Here is the standard pay your sims will get for a routine:

Short- $75

Medium- $125

Long- $200

But then when your sim gets to level 5 and can refine their work, they’ll be able to get paid more based on the quality of a routine.

If your sim does an excellent routine, depending on the length they can get a payout of $112- $330

So having your sim do a few of these a day or a week, could pay them quite well.

FYI- One thing you do have to do is make sure your Sim performs a routine where other sims are, as if no one is watching, there is a chance that you might not get paid anything.

Sim 4 Comedy Skill FAQ

How do I get my sim in a playful mood?

Sims can get in a playful mood by doing any of the following things:

  • Taking a bubble bath (last 4 hrs)
  • Eat gummy bear pancakes (last 3hrs)
  • Watch comedy channel on TV (last 3hrs)
  • View playful art (last 4hrs)
  • Use and mirror and a Pull Silly Face option (last 2hrs)
  • Watch hilarious videos on sims.tv which you can find under the web category on a computer. (4hrs)
  • Foamy waterslide slide (Backyard Stuff) (lasts 4hrs)
  • Empathizing with Flirty Sim (Aliens only) (last 4hrs) (Get To Work)
  • Essence of Playfulness (Cow Plant) (12 hrs)
  • Wear Hysterical Tiger Hat (Delux Edition) (lasts 6hrs)
  • Drinking Cafe Coffee – Macciato (Get Together) (lasts 4hrs)
  • Being Voodoo-ed (lasts 4hrs)
  • Wear Star Spangled Glasses (Delux Edition) (lasts 5hrs)
  • Drinking sparkling apple juice (lasts 4hrs)
  • Eating Razzleberries (Jungle Adventures)
  • Telling 3-5 jokes in a row (lasts 4hrs)
  • Using item Auras( Reward Lamp: Pets, Void Critter Cards, MySim Dolls, and Being near a Playful Ghost)

If you know of any other ways to get your sim into a playful mood, let me know in the comments and I’ll add them to the list.

What Jobs can you have with the comedy skill

The best-suited Job for a sim with a high comedy career is the entertainment career. Once they get to level 5 they have the option of the musical branch or the comedy branch.

If you don’t want your sim to have a conventional career they can make money while performing routines and writing comedy books.

What skills do you need for the entertainment career in the Sims 4?

You need a mixture of the comedy skill and music skill, but depending on which branch you chose at level 5 of the entertainment career you’ll only need to progress further with one of the skills.

How do you become a comedian branch of the entertainer career?

Once your sim reaches level 5 of the entertainment career, they’ll be given the option to choose between the comedian or musician branches. You become a comedian by choosing that option.

How do you learn charisma in sims 4?

You can start learning charisma by doing social interactions with other sims, using a mirror to practice charisma, or purchasing a book from a bookcase or a computer. (Skill books do come in 3 volumes so as you progress you will need to buy more volumes)

Why are cheats not working?

There are a few reasons why cheats might not be working. The first reason is that you might not have enabled cheats in your game. To do this press “CTRL+SHIFT+C” on your keyboard or “All 4 Triggers” on a console to open the cheat console, then type “testingcheats true” into the console and press enter. The second reason why cheats might not be working is that you haven’t spelled it correctly.

If both of those don’t fix it try restarting your game.

Are there any mods you recommend to cheat the sims 4 comedy skill ?

There aren’t any mods specifically for the comedy skill, but MC Command center and UI cheat extension Mod are a great addition to have in your game. Both of these allow you to cheat any skill in the game as well as a host of other features.

The UI cheat extension allows you to cheat a number of elements by just clicking on them in your sims UI, whereas the MC command center mod has a few more steps, but allows you to cheat even more stuff.

The great thing about both of these is that no cheat codes are required to use them.

This Post Was All About The Sims 4 Comedy Skill

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