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Sims 4 Grafting Combos

Throughout this guide, we’ll go over some of the different grafting combinations you can perform. We’ll also go over how you can even graft a money tree, which is one of the cooler things out there.

Understanding The Basics Of Grafting

If you’ve never grafted plants before in the game, this feature may be fairly new to you. So, before we start talking about some of the cool combos you can make, let’s first break down how grafting works in Sims 4.

To graft, you must first reach level 5 in Gardening. From there, the process is fairly straightforward. To graft one plant to another, you’ll need to take the cuttings from the first plant before clicking on the “graft” option when going to the second plant.

While all plants can be grafted to one another, there are only 11 unique combination results available. For example, certain plants like cowberry plant can only be created through a specific combination, which we will get into later.

Sims 4 Grafting Combos

List Of Grafting Combos Available

When one plant is grafted to another, you’re most likely going to just have a more impressive base plant.

This isn’t the case all the time, however. In some instances, depending on the combination, you can create some pretty unique and interesting plants.

Below, we’ve broken down a complete grafting table so that you can quickly and easily know exactly what two plants need to be put together to get the more unique plants in the game.

Daisy + StrawberryBonsai Buds
Tulip + ChrysanthemumBirds of Paradise
Lily + SnapdragonOrchid
Pear + Lemon Plantain
Cherry + Apple Pomegranate
Grapes + RoseBonsai Buds
Basil + Sage Parsley
Snapdragon + Strawberry Dragon fruit
Orchid + PomegranateDeath Flower
Dragonfruit + SnapdragonCow Berry
Pomegranate + Bluebells Grapes

Where To Find Fruits and Herbs:

If you don’t want to grow your own plants here is a guide to where you can find some of the rare plants as well as the regular plants in the worlds.

Willow Creek:

Courtyard– Snapdragons and strawberry

Foundry Cove– Snapdragons, Apple Tree, Strawberry, Chrysanthemum and bluebell

Sage Estates– Snapdragons, Apple Tree, Strawberry

Pendula View– Snapdragons, Liliy, Apple, Strawberry Tree, Bluebell and Pear Tree,

Commercial District– Snapdragons, Strawberry, Pear Tree, Lilly, Apple Tree, Bluebell

Magnolia Blossom Park– Snapgragon, Lily, Strawberry and Apple Tree.

Sylvan Glade– Snapdragon, Pear Tree, Cherry, Bluebell and Lily

Oasis springs:

Parched Prospect– Chrysanthemum, Cherry and Strawberry

Bedrock Strait– Chrysanthemum, lemon, Daisy, sage and Strawberry

Acquisition Butte– Cherry, Daisy, sage and Lemon Tree

Skyward Palms– Lemon and Cherry Tree

Commercial District– Chrysanthemu, sage and Lemon Tree

Desert Bloom Park– Chrysanthemum, Daisy and Sage


The Island– Snapgragon, Strawberries, bluebells and Pear Tree

The Bluffs– Strawberry and pear tree

Van Haunt Estate– Bluebell, Pear, Cherry, Apple Tree, Lemon, sage and Strawberry

Modern District– Chrysanthemum, Daisy and strawberry

Old Town District– Strawberry, Lily and Apple

Countryside– Lemon, Cherry Trees, Bluebells and Apple Tree

Magnolia Promenade:

Blackberry, Lily, Daisy and Bluebell


Twin Oracle Point– Snapdragons, Lily, Bluebell, basil, Apple Tree and Strawberry

Midtown Meadows– Snapdragon and Strawberry

Optimist’s Outlook– Snapdragons, Strawberry, Lily and Apple Tree

San Myshyno:

Spice Festival– Dragon Fruit, Strawberry, Basil and Sage

Romance Festival– Dragon Fruit, Chrysanthemum, and Lily

Granite Falls:

Campground– Strawberry, Basil

Ranger station (Can Buy Fruit)– Basil, Apple Tree and Sage

Hermit’s House– Strawberry and Basil

Gardening Cheats:

You sim needs to be level 5 gardening before, they can graft. If you don’t want to spend hours building up your sims gardening skills you can use the cheat below

First open the cheats box by Pressing CTRL + SHIFT + C. Then type testingcheats true to enable cheats.

stats.set_skill_level Major_Gardening # (Then replace the # with level number you want your sim to be in gardening)

Or if you have mc command centre or the ui extension mod you could just cheat there gardening skill using one of these.

How To Graft A Money Tree

One of the cooler aspects of the Sims games has been the ability to own a money tree. In Sims 4, not only can you own one, but once you do, you can then graft it to another tree to potentially create a host of money trees.

The first step is to get a money tree is by purchasing it through the rewards store for 5,000 reward points.

Once you’ve grown your 1st first money tree, you’ll need to cut a piece of it before grafting it to a normal non-fruit tree. This should result in the creation of another money tree. Not only that, but it should produce fruit that can be replanted to make even more money trees.

I’ve not played much with spellcaster sims, but I’ve read you can use the ‘copypasto spell’ on a money tree seed or tree. (If you used this and it’s worked let me know in the comments below)

This Post Was All About The Sims 4 Grafting Combos

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