Bored of the current in-game odd jobs? Then you need to download this megapack that includes 28 new odd jobs for your Sims.

These odd jobs all come in separate files, so you can download them all or pick and choose your favorite ones.

The odd jobs included are:

  • End of Tenancy Clean
  • Organize My Closet
  • Office Administration
  • Queue in Line
  • Hang Pictures
  • Grocery Shopping
  • Smart Home Installation
  • Donation Drop Off
  • Task Rabbit/Run Errands
  • Dog Walker
  • Wait for Delivery
  • Distribute Flyers
  • TV Extra
  • Give Plasma
  • Airport Pickup
  • Computer Lesson
  • Cater for a Dinner Party
  • Event Staff
  • Tour Guide
  • Vacation Planner
  • Bust the Dust
  • Wedding Date
  • Simstagram Model
  • Event Makeup Artist
  • Life Model
  • TV Makeup Artist
  • Startup Fashion Shoot

FYI, for the odd jobs to work in your game, the Island Living pack is required.

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