Have you always wished your Sims could live forever? If that’s the case, there is a way for them to do this using the Potion of Youth.

What Is The Potion Of Youth?

In The Sims 4, the Potion of Youth is a potion that may be consumed by your Sims so that they can live forever.

It’s a silvery translucent liquid. It can stop aging indefinitely, but only for the Sim who drinks it. Despite its simplicity, the Potion of Youth is one of the most powerful potions you can get in The Sims 4.

If you have an amazing story your want to finish telling or just don’t want your Sim to get old, then the potion of youth is for you.

Imagine all of the things you could accomplish if a Sim didn’t age!

How To Get The Potion Of Youth?

You can buy this drink with satisfaction points in the rewards shop and use it to reset your Sim back to their original age, which can be really beneficial if you want to continue telling a tale or completing a quest that you’ve been working on. To buy it though will cost 1500 satisfaction points.

You earn satisfaction points by completing whims (which you may enable in the game’s settings), daily tasks, or completing aspirations.

If that is too much effort you can always cheat them: The Ultimate Guide To Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

sims 4 potion of youth cheat

Drinking The Potion of Youth.

To use the potion, you must first have it in your Sims inventory. To do this, either purchase it from the Sims 4 Rewards Shop or cheat for it.

You may buy as many potions as you want, but it will cost you 1500 satisfaction points every time you do so. So, if you don’t want to use cheats points, make sure you’re always fulfilling whims and aspirations as that’s how your Sim will keep earning satisfaction points.

Once you have the potion, have your Sim drink it. You will know that the potion has worked as their age bar will reset.

However, if you drink the potion as an elder, your Sim will be restored to the start of the elder life stage. This may help them live longer, but it won’t change them back into an adult or a Young Adult. If you want to do that you will need to cheat their life stage.

The Sims 4 Potion of Youth is an incredibly powerful potion that can stop aging indefinitely. If you want your Sims to live forever, this is the potion for you! Thanks for reading and I hope this post was helpful.

sims 4 potion of youth

Sims 4 Potion of Youth Final Thoughts

The Sims 4 Potion of Youth is a highly sought after item in the game, and for good reason.

Its ability to reset an adult Sims age back to the start of that age meaning you can continue playing with their favorite Sims for much longer without having to worry about them aging up too quickly.

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