Sims 4 Relationship Cheats Cheats will allow you to easily manipulate your friendships, relationships, and enemies.

SIMS 4 Relationship CHEATS

We all know how crucial relationships are in The Sims 4. They have the potential to make or break a Sim’s life, as well as influence whether they are happy or not.

With these easy sims 4 relationship cheats, you can make your Sim’s relationship level with another Sim maxed out and transform them into an instant BFF or love interest.

These cheats are also handy in fixing broken relationships or creating enemies to add more drama to your gameplay.

Sims 4 Relationship Cheats

How To Enable Cheats

Before we dive into the relationship cheats, you need to enable cheats in your game. To do this, simply press Ctrl + Shift + C on your keyboard (or ⌘ + Shift + C for Mac users) to bring up the cheat console.

Then to enable on console, press all 4 triggers.

Relationship Cheats

Now that cheats are enabled, you can use any of the following relationship cheats to manipulate your Sims’ relationships.

For the cheats listed below, you can select any number between -1 and 100 based on whether you want to have a positive or negative relationship with a sim.

Max Out Friendship/Relationship

To instantly max out a Sim’s friendship or romantic relationship level with another Sim, use the following cheat:

modifyrelationship [Sim 1 First Name] [Sim 1 Last Name] [Sim 2 First Name] [Sim 2 Last Name] 100 Friendship/Romance_Main

For example, if you want to max out the friendship level between your Sim named Lily Green and another Sim named Emily White, the cheat would look like this:

modifyrelationship Lily Green Emily White 100  LTR_Friendship_Main

Fix Broken Relationships

If your Sim has recently had a falling out with another Sim, you can use the following cheat to fix the relationship:

modifyrelationship [Sim 1 First Name] [Sim 1 Last Name] [Sim 2 First Name] [Sim 2 Last Name] [+/- amount] Friendship/Romance_Main

For example, if your Sim named Alex Lee has had a falling out with their love interest, Lucas Johnson, and you want to improve their relationship by 50 points, the cheat would look like this:

modifyrelationship Alex Lee Lucas Johnson LTR_Romance_Main

Create Enemies

To make two Sims become enemies, use the following cheat:

**modifyrelationship [Sim 1 First Name] [Sim 1 Last Name] [Sim 2 First Name] [Sim 2 Last Name] -100 Friendship/Romance_Main

For example, if you want to make your Sim named Jake Smith become enemies with another Sim named Sarah Brown, use the following cheat:

modifyrelationship Jake Smith Sarah Brown -100 LTR_Friendship_Main 

Here is a chart that allows you to easily copy and paste any of the relationship cheats directly into your game.

modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetSimFirstName} {TargetSimLastName} 100 LTR_Friendship_MainIncrease Relationship
modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetSimFirstName} {TargetSimLastName} -100 Friendship_MainDecrease Relationship
modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetSimFirstName} {TargetSimLastName} 100 LTR_Romance_MainIncrease Romantic Relationship
modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetSimFirstName} {TargetSimLastName} -100 Romance_MainDecrease Romantic Relationship
modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetPetFirstName} {TargetPetLastName} 100 LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_MainIncrease Pet Relationship
modifyrelationship {PlayedSimFirstName} {PlayedSimLastName} {TargetPetFirstName} {TargetPetLastName} -100 LTR_SimToPet_Friendship_MainDecrease Pet Relationship
relationships.create_friends_for_simspawns a new friend on your sims lot
relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_othersMakes your sim acquaintances with other sims

If cheats are not for you then there is also a few mods that can cheat your sims relationships for you . Just be cautious when using mods as they can sometimes cause glitches or issues with your game.

UI Cheats Extension

This mods allows you to change your sims relationships right from the UI (Which is the main sims panel) menu without having to use any cheats.

  • Choose your Sim whose relationship you want to change.
  • Select the Sim they have a relationship with.
  • Right click on their relationship status bar and type in any value you want between -1 and 100 in the friendship or relationship bar.
SIMS 4 Relationship CHEATS

MC Command Center Mod: Creator Deaderpool

This is another mod that makes it super easy to change your sims relationships.

To modify a particular relationship for your sims, you can follow these steps: 

  • Click on your sim and choose the option mcc command center.
  • Then, navigate to the bottom of the list and select relationships.
  • You are then given a bunch of relationship options that you can change for your selected sim.
SIMS 4 Relationship CHEATS

Sims 4 Relationship Cheats Final Thoughts

These relationship cheats are a great way to have more control over your Sims relationships and add some drama to their lives.

It’s important to note that using mods can sometimes cause issues with your game and should be used at your own risk.

We hope this guide has been helpful in navigating the world of Sims 4 relationships.

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