The Sims 4 Dine Out game pack introduced the exciting feature of owning and managing restaurants in the game.

Sims 4 Restaurant Cheats

Not only can you take your Sims out to eat, but now you have the ability to run their own establishment.

However, with all these new features comes a learning curve and possibly even some frustration. That’s where cheats come in! In this guide, we will cover the essential Sims 4 restaurant cheats to help you get the most out of this game pack.

How to Enable Cheats in The Sims 4

Before we dive into specific restaurant cheats, it’s important to know how to enable them in your game.

First, open up the cheat console by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your keyboard.

Then, type in “testingcheats true” and hit enter. This will allow you to use cheats in your game.

Keep in mind that some cheats may require you to have the “bb.showhiddenobjects” cheat enabled as well.

Building and Managing Your Restaurant

Money Cheats

Running a restaurant can be expensive, especially when first starting out.

To give yourself a financial boost, use the following money cheats:

  • “motherlode”: Adds $50,000 to your household funds
  • “kaching”: Adds $1,000 to your household funds

All Sims 4 Restaurant Cheats (Dine Out)

Before utilizing any of the cheats provided below, ensure that cheats are enabled as mentioned above.

  • Well Funded Foodies: bucks.unlock_perk ExpensiveOrders true
  • Patient Patrons: bucks.unlock_perk LengthenImpatienceTimeout true
  • Fast Eaters: bucks.unlock_perk EatFaster true
  • Curious Customers: bucks.unlock_perk RecommendDishSocial true
  • Curiouser Customers: bucks.unlock_perk RecommendDishFrequency true
  • Inspirational Speech: bucks.unlock_perk InspirationalSpeechSocial true
  • Additional Chef: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalChef true
  • Additional Waiter #1: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWaiter_1 true
  • Additional Waiter #2: bucks.unlock_perk AdditionalWaiter_2 true
  • Lower Employee Training Cost: bucks.unlock_perk LowerEmployeeTrainingCost true
  • Ingredient Quality Options: bucks.unlock_perk IngredientQualityOptions true
  • The Chef’s Hat: bucks.unlock_perk ChefsHat true
  • Tidy Tippers: bucks.unlock_perk RiskFreeMarkup true
  • Large Ingredient Discount: bucks.unlock_perk CheaperIngredients_2 true
  • Small Ingredient Discount: bucks.unlock_perk CheaperIngredients_1 true
  • Surplus Harvest: bucks.unlock_perk IngredientCostDiscount true
  • Well Managed: bucks.unlock_perk LowerChanceBadEvents_Small true

Sims 4 Restaurant Cheats Final Thoughts

With these cheats at your disposal, you can overcome any challenge in The Sims 4 Dine Out and create the perfect restaurant for your Sims.

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