Sims 4 Save Files are about to get a major glow-up, and trust us, you won’t want to miss this electrifying revolution!

Sims 4 Save Files

You know that familiar pang of longing as you launch the game, only to roam the same streets and interact with the same storylines?

It’s a feeling many of us know all too well. The hunger for new, untapped worlds, richer narratives, and a breath of fresh air is real.

But imagine a realm where every corner is a new adventure, every Sim has a story waiting to be unraveled, and every neighborhood feels like a discovery.

Dream of diving into more captivating tales and mesmerizing scenes? Say no more! We’ve scoured the depths of the community’s creativity, and are ready to introduce you to the Sims 4 Save Files – an unprecedented and remarkable experience.

Best Sims 4 Save Files

1. Sims 4 Portsim Save File By florwalsims

Sims 4 Portsim Save File

Dive into a reimagined Del Sol Valley transformed into a grittier, hyper-realistic urban landscape inspired by the bustling streets of Los Angeles and the edgy vibes of GTA 5. This isn’t your ordinary Sims save file:

  • Two Versions to Choose From: Whether you’re a purist or love to mix things up, choose between a pristine ‘no cc version’ or the spicy ‘lit version’ loaded with minimal cc, including features from “Basemental Drugs” and “Wicked Whims.”
  • Full Packs Experience: Designed with all packs and kits in mind, immerse yourself fully. (Note: Playing without all packs may result in missing objects or Sim attire.)
  • New Sims and Stories: Featuring 31 brand-new Sims crafted by florwalsims, with additional community contributions via the #florwaltownies tag. Stay tuned for a comprehensive Del Sol townie index shedding light on the intricate backstories of these new characters.
  • Revamped Lots: Experience 5 fresh residential lots, including multi-family options, plus 3 new community spaces.
  • Dynamic Clubs: Navigate the streets with “Mirage Menaces,” a notorious street gang, or seek redemption with “Third Chances,” a group dedicated to helping ex-criminals reintegrate into society.
  • Engaging Story Elements: Dive deep into the psyche of some townies with readable journal entries, available in the ‘lit version.’
  • Comprehensive Updates: From new family dynamics to updated Sim characteristics and conversations, witness the transformation leveraging the “Growing Together” expansion pack’s features.
  • Oasis Springs Expansion: While majorly focusing on Del Sol Valley, the save file also extends its charm to Oasis Springs, introducing new builds with more to come.

So, are you ready to explore the grittier streets of Portsim and delve into a Sims experience like no other?

2. Sims 4 Chrissie’s Corner Save File V1.0 By chrissieyt

Sims 4 Chrissie’s Corner Save File

While you’ll spot eclectic builds and households across different worlds, Version 1.0 lavishes special attention on the classic charm of Willow Creek and the sun-kissed allure of Oasis Springs.

What awaits is a mesmerizing transformation:

  • Revitalized Community Lots: Spaces that pulse with life and stories untold.
  • A Fresh Take on EA Townies: Rediscover your favorite townies in homes reimagined and dripping with creativity.
  • The New Faces of the Neighborhood: Meet new Sims, each crafted with passion, and waiting to be a part of your storylines.

For a more immersive peek into the brilliance that is Willow Creek & Oasis Springs in this save, feast your eyes on the detailed breakdown and lush visuals. And guess what?

To soak in the full splendor, there’s an overview video just a click away!

3. Sims 4 RatSave 1.2 By RatBoySims

Sims 4 RatSave 1.2

Step into the vibrant realm of “Sims 4 RatSave 1.1” meticulously curated by RatBoySims! This extraordinary creation invites you to embark on an exhilarating journey through a meticulously rebuilt virtual universe.

Within “Sims 4 RatSave 1.1,” RatBoySims has taken the worlds of Willow Creek, Oasis Springs, Newcrest, and Magnolia Promenade to new heights. With painstaking effort, these worlds have undergone a transformation that introduces you to completely renovated landscapes, reimagined builds, and fresh possibilities.

What truly sets “Sims 4 RatSave 1.1” apart is the introduction of over 200 new Sims, each with their own distinct stories and backgrounds. This dynamic array of characters breathes life into the virtual world, offering a rich tapestry of narratives waiting to be explored.

Furthermore, in a recent update the completion of Sulani opens up new horizons for exploration and adventure.

4. Sims 4 Simsie’s Starter Save File By LilSimsie

Sims 4 Simsie’s Starter Save File

Unveil the captivating realm of “Sims 4 Simsie’s Starter Save File” thoughtfully assembled by LilSimsie. While it might not include any updates past Eco Lifestyle, this creation bears the signature touch of one of my favorite simmers, and it’s a joy to feature her on this list.

LilSimsie embarked on a mission to revamp the entirety of Sims 4. Every corner was touched, every community lot revitalized, and every vacant space brimming with new homes and destinations.

In addition, she introduced a fresh array of townies, completely CC-free, to inhabit the previously empty residences across the game.

What awaits you in this remarkable creation?

An impressive collection of 50 novel lots
Revamped versions of every EA community lot, infused with renewed life
Thoughtfully reimagined editions of the less appreciated EA houses (the iconic ones remain untouched!)
A remarkable assembly of 78 new families, each with their own set of skills, careers, relationships, and intricately woven stories

While Eco Lifestyle might be absent from this journey, LilSimsie’s artistry has magnificently overhauled the landscape of the game. The scope of her vision extends to every aspect of Sims 4, ensuring that no corner goes untouched.

5. Plumbella Sims 4 Save File By Plumbella

Plumbella Sims 4 Save File

In “Plumbella Sims 4 Save File,” you’ll find a world thoughtfully curated by Plumbella herself. Every lot within this world is her own creation and not derived from EA, resulting in a landscape that is both unique and refreshingly different. It’s a world that captures the essence of her distinctive style and passion for storytelling.

This save file is a testament to Plumbella’s commitment to providing players with an up-to-date experience, fully compatible up to Seasons. Notably, every Sim within this world is equipped with appropriate hot and cold weather outfits, ensuring that their experiences are as realistic and enjoyable as possible.

Remarkably, “Plumbella Sims 4 Save File” requires no custom content (CC), offering a seamless and hassle-free experience. It’s a testament to her dedication to making this world accessible to all players, regardless of their mod preferences.

The world Plumbella has curated is an inviting haven for Sims of all ages – from children and toddlers to pets. It’s a realm where every detail has been carefully considered to create a family-friendly environment that’s both nurturing and engaging.

6. Sims 4 SimLicy 2.0 Save File By SimLicy

Sims 4 SimLicy 2.0 Save File

Enter the realm of “Sims 4 SimLicy 2.0 Save File” thoughtfully curated by SimLicy!

This exceptional creation welcomes you to a world where creativity knows no bounds, as you step into a meticulously designed save file that promises an immersive and captivating experience.

I admire the unique styles and meticulous attention to detail in all of her builds. If only I possessed the same talent when it comes to building in the sims.

7. Sims 4 Rustic Brindleton Save File By Nusantara Simmer

Sims 4 Rustic Brindleton Save File

If you’re seeking a refreshing update to the three core base game worlds, your quest finds its destination here.

This creation breathes renewed life into these familiar landscapes, offering a revitalized and captivating experience for Simmers of all walks

8. Sims 4 Deligracy’s Newcrest Save By Deligracy’s

Sims 4 Deligracy's Newcrest Save

Dive into the enchanting realm of “Sims 4 Deligracy’s Newcrest Save,” a creation lovingly curated by none other than Deligracy herself. As a devoted admirer of Deligracy, it’s only fitting to include her in this lineup.

This remarkable offering breathes fresh vitality into Newcrest, transforming it into a vibrant canvas of opportunity.

For those who adore the possibilities of Newcrest but yearn for it to be replete with residential and community lots, this creation is a dream come true.

Deligracy’s touch transforms this once-empty canvas into a tapestry of homes and bustling venues, offering a rich experience that’s both immersive and inspiring.

Sims 4 Save files Final Thoughts

Each of these Sims 4 save files offers a unique and diverse landscape for players to explore and create within, providing a fresh perspective on familiar worlds.

Whether you prefer the artistic touch of LilSimsie or the meticulously crafted world by Plumbella, these save files enhance the gaming experience, making each playthrough engaging and enjoyable.

Have any questions or know of any other cool Sims 4 Restaurant CC? Leave a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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