Finding The Sims 4 teen gameplay a bit boring? Want to spice up your teens’ experience with some new features?

We’ve solved that problem! We’ve put together the ultimate list of Sims 4 teen mods just for you.

From traits to gameplay mods, this list has everything you need to make your teen Sims’ lives more interesting and realistic.

These mods are a great addition for Simmers who don’t have the High School Years pack, or even if you have all packs! They can still greatly improve your gameplay.

FYI: Mods often go out of date when new game updates come out. Make sure the mod is up-to-date before you download it to avoid breaking your game.

Best Sims 4 Teen Mods

1. Sims 4 Teen Aspirations Bundle By ilkavelle

Sims 4 Teen Aspirations Bundle

Wish there were some aspirations in the game that were more teen orentatied? Then you need to download these 4 new aspirations. 

Included are: 

Prom Royalty


Towards Independence 

Teenage Rebellion

For the prom royalty mod to work, you will need to download the Brittpinkie Prom Event Mod, which is linked in the download description.

Plus, the great thing is these aspirations are all base game compatible.

2. Sims 4 Astronomy Club After-School Activity By  tactical_tuna

Sims 4 Astronomy Club After-School Activity

Is your teen Sim a bit of a science nerd? 

Then they’ll love joining the Astronomy Club after school! 

This mod adds a new after school activity to the game where your Sims can learn about constellations and even go stargazing. 

It comes with three levels of membership and if you have the discovery university pack your sim will get a reward for reaching Junior Member and Senior Member levels. 

3. Auto Shorter Teens By Menaceman44 

 Auto Shorter Teens

One of the things that annoys most about the games is once a sims hits a teenager there the same high as a young adult and older sim

This clever mod by Menaceman44 provides a much-needed fix to this issue, introducing a subtle height difference between teen Sims older sims.

Once install this will automatically make teen sims shorter. 

4. Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection By lumpinoumods

Relationship & Pregnancy Overhaul Collection

This is a complete relationship and pregnancy overhaul mod, but one option I love about this one for teens is that it allows your teen Sims to get pregnant.

However, it goes beyond just teen pregnancy.

It includes moodlets as well, and even introduces some new interactions where your teen Sim can be supported by their parents or kicked out by them.

5. Online Learning System By LittleMsSam

Not specifically teen related, but this mod allows your teens sims to learn skills online.

So if you don’t like having to buy books all the time then this perfect.

However there is a cost that starts at 150 simoleons

6. Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University Anytime By ilkavelle

Genius Teens Can Apply & Enroll To University Anytime

If your teen has the Genius trait, this mod allows them to apply to university.

With this mod, the application process works just like it does for young adults and older Sims.

This is a great option if you’re looking for new storyline ideas!

7. Parenting Skill for Teens By LittleMsSam

Parenting Skill for Teens

Have a teen who would love to start learning the parenting skill? Then this mod enables that for them!

8. Let friends age up By littlemssam

Let friends age up

The one thing I hate is when my teen Sim ages up, and none of their NPC friends age up with them.

This mod changes that! It adds a new option when you blow out the candles on the cake, allowing you to select up to 20 Sims to age up all at once.

While it works on NPCs too, I personally prefer to manage aging for other households myself.

9. Sleep In Mod By LittleMsSam

Sleep In Mod

Wish your Teen and child sims would sleep in on the weekend instead of waking up at 6am?

This mod allows them to do just that!

Now they’ll sleep until something or someone wakes them up.

This won’t affect school days though, they’ll still wake up at 6am.

10. Pre-Teen Mod By ItsKatato

Pre-Teen Mod

The Pre-Teen Mod by ItsKatato introduces a new life stage to The Sims 4, adding depth to the transition from childhood to teenager.

This mod features a “pre-teen” trait. When your Sim ages from a child to a teen, they’ll become a pre-teen and automatically enroll in middle school. Their height will also adjust to reflect their age more accurately.

It includes a simple hygiene system, a middle school experience (which may require additional mods), and disables romance interactions for pre-teens, aiming for a more realistic portrayal of this life stage.

The mod requires The Parenthood and Snowy Escape packs for full functionality.

It’s a fantastic option that, in my opinion, should have been included in the base game or at least a game pack.

It feels unrealistic for a Sim to be a child one day and then a teenager in a full-blown relationship the next.

11. Teen Lifestyle Mod By Snowiii95

Teen Lifestyle Mod

The Teen Lifestyle Mod by Snowiii95 improves the teenage experience in The Sims 4, addressing the common sentiment in the Sims community that teenagers often don’t receive as much attention as they deserve in the game.

This mod aims to make the teenage life stage more distinct and engaging by introducing:

  • Four new aspirations specifically for teens: Aspiring Athlete, Emo Soul, Heartbreaker, and Spoiled Brat.
  • Two new careers tailored for teenagers: Tutor and Cheerleader.
  • A new Lot Trait: Mean Girls.
  • Eight unique traits for teens, each accompanied by new social interactions to enrich the gameplay.

These features collectively bring much-needed depth to teenage Sims, offering new challenges, activities, and opportunities for storytelling.

This all base game compatible.

12. Sims 4 Prom Event By kiarasims4mods

Sims 4 Prom Event

I know prom came with high school years pack, but do you wish your sims could have a prom whenever they wanted , and not be restricted by the high school timeline?

Then this mod is perfect for you! It adds a new event to the game that your teen Sims can host or attend.

Get Together and High School Years pack is required for this to work

13. Sims 4 Longer High School Prom By  Senni 

Sims 4 Longer High School

The Longer High School Prom mod by Senni extends the prom event in The Sims 4 from the default 4 hours to either 6 hours (from 5:00 PM to 11:00 PM) or an optional 8 hours (from 5:00 PM to 1:00 AM), which will give you more time to achieve your sims prom goals and just have fun.

It also increases the maximum number of participants from 20 to 30 and for pre prom allows 10 invites instead of 8.

14. Summer Camp By adeepindigomods

Summer Camp

The Summer Camps mod by adeepindigo offers 11 new summer camp experiences for child and teen Sims, available via phone or computer during summer.

Camp options include Academic Enrichment, Arts, Band, and more, with each camp lasting 5 days and offering skill development and unique buffs.

The mod requires the Base Game and Seasons, and recommends additional packs for a fuller experience.

15. Sims 4 Education Overhaul By adeepindigomods

Sims 4 Education Overhaul

The Education Overhaul mod by adeepindigo transforms the schooling experience in The Sims 4, introducing new education options, virtual schooling, changes to grade school and high school routines, and much more.

I’d really recommend reading the download page as this mod just has so many features.

Sims 4 Teenager Mods Final Thoughts

The teenage life stage in The Sims 4 is often overlooked, but with these mods, that can change.

Whether you’re looking for more realistic gameplay options or just want to spice up your teen’s lives, there are plenty of fantastic mods available.

Have any questions or know of any other cool Sims 4 Teen Mods? Leave a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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