Winter is here and it’s time to update your Sims 4 game with the best sims 4 winter CC items!

Sims 4 Winter CC

With the colder days and holiday season upon us, it’s the perfect time to add some cozy and festive items to your Sims’ game.

From fluffy coats and cozy sweaters to twinkling fairy lights, there are numerous CC creations out there that will bring a touch of winter magic to your game.

So, bundle up and get ready to explore some amazing sims 4 winter CC items that will truly enhance your gameplay.

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Best Sims 4 Winter CC

1.Sims 4 Winter Boots Collection Part 1 By jius-sims

Sims 4 Winter Boots Collection Part 1

Jius-sims has released a collection of winter boots for The Sims 4!

The collection includes four different styles of boots, all of which are perfect for keeping your Sims warm and stylish during the cold winter months.

I wish I could have all of them in real life, please.

2. Sims 4 Winter Boots Collection Part 2 By jius-sims

Sims 4 Winter Boots Collection Part 2

After the raving success of the first collection, jius-sims returns with the Winter Boots Collection Part 2, ensuring your Sims are more than ready for those icy escapades.

Whether it’s a serene snowy holiday or an adventurous winter retreat, your Sims will be dressed to the nines with these trendy and warm boots.

3.Sims 4 Winterland Collection By Ikari Sims

Sims 4 Winterland Collection

This collection is perfect for those who want to add a festive touch to their look. It features beautifully designed winter nails and adorable candy cane earrings.

4.Sims 4 Soft Scarf Season Collection By Quirky Introvert CC

Sims 4 Soft Scarf Season Collection

Step into winter warmth with the Soft Scarf Season Collection crafted by Quirky Introvert CC.

Tailored for Sims seeking a fresh and basic winter wardrobe refresh, this set is the perfect blend of coziness and style.

With over 30 items to explore, the collection boasts versatile essentials for both male and female Sims.

But the surprises don’t end with apparel—discover 2 new hairstyles for female Sims and another 2 for males.

The best part is that this base game is compatible, so no additional packs are needed.

5.Sims 4 Child Winter Break Set By simkoos

Sims 4 Child Winter Break Set

Warm up the winter season with simkoos’ Child Winter Break Set, tailor-made for child Sims seeking style and snugness.

This collection brings a delightful array of winter essentials that perfectly blend comfort with trendiness.

Among the standout pieces, the layered coat and the puffer jacket paired with the cozy polo neck jumper truly shine, making them an instant favorite for me.

6. Sims 4 Love on Ice – Pose Pack By StarrySimsie

 Sims 4 Love on Ice - Pose Pack

StarrySimsie’s Love on Ice Pose Pack is the perfect way to capture some romantic moments on the ice rink.

The pack includes 6 poses that are perfect for couples.

7. Sims 4 Knitted Earmuffs By nordsart

 Sims 4 Knitted Earmuffs

Nordsart’s Knitted Earmuffs offer the ideal combination of warmth and style for your Sims during the chilly winter season.

With 16 unique swatches to choose from.

8. Sims 4 Warm Set By CAIO

Sims 4 Warm Set

The Warm Set by CAIO is a collection of five winter-themed items for The Sims 4.

I adore the combination of a polo neck and cardigan, paired with a beanie hat. It would create a perfect ensemble for a cute winter date.

9. Sims 4 Winter Collection Part 1 By bluecravingcc

Sims 4 Winter Collection Part 1

Dress your Sims in the height of winter fashion with the SIMS 4 CC – Winter Collection Part 1. The collection features the elegant Brielle Dress, perfect for any social event.

Or go with the comfortable and stylish Mahe Skirts and Sweaters for a casual yet chic look.

For those brisk winter days, the Leonie Puffer Jacket offers a trendy solution to stay warm without sacrificing style.

Or for a luxe party look the Maher Fur Jacket, is perfect.

10. Sims 4 Winter Sweater Set By Mal

Sims 4 Winter Sweater Set

Sims 4 Winter Sweater Set by Mal is an essential addition to your sims closet this chilly season.

Perfect for any Sim looking to stay warm and stylish, this unisex sweater comes in a versatile palette of 12 swatches, ensuring there’s a hue for every mood and moment.

These sweaters are so snug and trendy, you might find yourself wishing for a real-world counterpart to wear as you manage your Sims’ winter escapades.

11. KOOL Sims 4 Winter CC Set By Marsmerizingsims

KOOL Sims 4 Winter CC Set

The KOOL Sims 4 Winter CC Set by Marsmerizingsims is a perfect blend of vibrancy and nostalgia, ideal for decking out your sims in chic 70s-inspired fashion this winter season.

Featuring six new items, each piece is an ode to the era known for its bold fashion statements.

The variety of fur jacket patterns stands out, offering an array of styles that will make your Sims the talk of the town with their funky and fabulous outfits.

12. Sims 4 Snugg Puff Set By Madlen

Sims 4 Snugg Puff Set

The SIMS 4 Snugg Puff Set by Madlen presents a trio of stylish boots for the winter season, each pair taking inspiration from the classic comfort of Ugg boots but with a contemporary and much cooler twist.

These boots are designed to keep your Sims’ feet warm and fashionable, making them a must-have for the winter wardrobe.

With their appealing look and snug feel, it’s easy to see why anyone would want all three pairs and might never wish to take them off!

13. Snow Lover CC Set By yooniesim

Snow Lover CC Set

The Snow Lover CC Set by yooniesim is the perfect addition for any Sim’s winter holiday wardrobe, offering everything needed for a stylish adventure in the snow.

With princess goggles to shield their eyes and a Kaori top to stay fashionably warm, your Sims will be ready to face the chill.

They can slip into Starhopper pants for a combination of comfort and durability, and pull on heart gloves to keep their fingers snug.

The adorable panda backpack adds a dash of whimsy while holding all their essentials, and they can hit the slopes with the sleek Nishidake SSX snowboard.

For those photo-ready moments, the snowboard also comes as a pose accessory.

14.Sims 4 Male Xoria Jacket By Malden

Sims 4 Male Xoria Jacket

The Sims 4 Male Xoria Jacket by Madlen is the perfect addition to any male Sim’s winter wardrobe.

Designed to strike the balance between stylish and functional, this heavy-duty jacket promises to keep your Sims both warm and on-trend.

Available in eight different colors.

15. Sims 4 Starla Boots By Malden

Sims 4 Starla Boots

The Sims 4 Starla Boots by Madlen take inspiration from the iconic “Moon Boots” and offer a trendy, versatile footwear option for Sims of all ages and genders.

These boots come in a variety of colors to match any winter ensemble, making them a stylish addition to any Sim’s closet.

With two different heights available, Sims can choose the look that best suits their personal style or outfit of the day.

Whether your Sims are hitting the slopes or just braving the cold weather in style, the Starla Boots are sure to keep their feet warm and fashionably cozy.

16. Sims 4 Mélina Boots By Malden

Sims 4 Mélina Boots

The Sims 4 Mélina Boots by Madlen offer a touch of sophistication and elegance with their soft suede finish.

These high heel boots are available in two chic styles: knee-high and above-the-knee heights.

They are a luxurious addition to any Sim’s wardrobe, perfect for those looking to make a fashion statement while exuding class.

17. Sims 4 Winter Village By leaf-motif

Sims 4 Winter Village

The Sims 4 Winter Village by leaf-motif offers a delightful collection of ceramic houses that double as candles. In addition, there are candles on ceramic stands and miniature ceramic Christmas trees.

This collection would create a warm and inviting atmosphere in any room.

With four swatches to choose from, Sims can find the perfect style to complement their home décor.

18. Sims 4 Love on Ice – Pose Pack By StarrySimsie

Sims 4 Love on Ice - Pose Pack

The Sims 4 Love on Ice – Pose Pack by StarrySimsie is a must-have for those picturesque winter moments.

This pack gives you the opportunity to take some incredibly cute photos of your Sims couple as they ice skate

This pack includes six unique poses designed for two Sims who are skating together.

19. It’s Getting Cold Pose Pack By starrysimsie

 It's Getting Cold Pose Pack

The “It’s Getting Cold Pose Pack” by starrysimsie is a great addition if you love taking your pics of sims in winter.

For this pose pack to work you will need to download a scarf and beanie.

Talking about pose packs, just makes me want to load my game and take some cute winter photos of my sims.

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20. Winter Holiday Seasons Decor Trim CC Sims 4 By s4cc.syboulette

Winter Holiday Seasons Decor Trim CC Sims 4

The “Winter Holiday Seasons Decor Trim CC” for Sims 4 by s4cc.syboulette, with a helping hand from the talented Ravasheen, brings the festive spirit directly to your Sims’ doorstep.

If you’ve got the Seasons expansion pack and are on the lookout for that extra sprinkle of holiday charm, this set offers nine new decor trims to adorn your Sims’ home.

These trims work seamlessly with the game’s existing decoration mechanics—simply place the decoration box, and your Sims will be presented with new, festive options to deck the halls.

21. Sims 4 Industrial Style Christmas Lights By littledica

Sims 4 Industrial Style Christmas Lights

The Sims 4 Industrial Style Christmas Lights by littledica offers a sleek, modern twist on outdoor holiday lighting.

If you love a more contemporary vibe, this set features chic designs, including a reindeer, a Christmas tree, and a charming present light, all boasting an industrial aesthetic.

And the beauty of Sims 4 is that the festive season is never confined to the calendar—you can deck out your Sims’ home with these stylish decorations and celebrate Christmas whenever the mood strikes.

22. Sims 4 Toys Stall By Mirai

Sims 4 Toys Stall

The Sims 4 Toys Stall by Mirai is a delightful addition to the game, creating a special spot where your Sims can shop for toys.

It’s a stall that can be placed within your Sims’ world.

While it may not be exclusively winter-themed, this toys stall fits perfectly into a winter wonderland setup, serving as an ideal place for your Sims to find Christmas toys.

23. Sims 4 Sandy the Snowman By hamburgercakes

Sims 4 Sandy the Snowman

The Sims 4 Sandy the Snowman by hamburgercakes is a delightful addition to your Sims’ wintertime decor.

If you’re seeking to spruce up your Sims’ garden with a touch of seasonal cheer, Sandy the Snowman is ready to stand proudly on your sims lawn.

it comes with an extensive selection of 16 solid-colored scarf swatches that use the cozy Cottage Garden palette, and an additional 12 patterned scarf options.

24. Sims 4 Toddler Moose Antlers Hoodie By redheadsims

 Sims 4 Toddler Moose Antlers Hoodie

If you’re in search of the ultimate cute factor for your toddler Sims, look no further than the Toddler Moose Antlers Hoodie by redheadsims.

25. Winter Folks Part 1- Deco Sims By StarrySimsie

Winter Folks Part 1- Deco Sims

The Winter Folks Part 1 – Deco Sims by StarrySimsie is an excellent resource if you love storytelling in the game and documenting it with photos.

These deco Sims function as non-interactive decor pieces, which means you can place them throughout your lot to create a lively backdrop for your main Sims’ stories.

This particular collection includes 10 different deco Sims, each equipped with 4 swatches of winter clothing, ensuring your wintry scenes are populated with a variety of characters all bundled up for the season.

26. Winter Folks Part 2- Deco Sims By StarrySimsie

Winter Folks Part 2- Deco Sims

If you’re looking for more additional winter-inspired deco sims, here is Part 2.

This collection features 11 more sims adorned in winter attire, each with 4 swatches to choose from.

27. Sims 4 Winter Wear Stuff Pack By wyattssims

Sims 4 Winter Wear Stuff Pack

If you’re searching for a collection of everyday winter wear for your female and male sims, look no further!

This set of 24 items is absolutely perfect.

I adore the cozy, knitted jumper with scarf and the two stylish hats.

28.Sims 4 Tus&Lus Slippers By Madlen

Sims 4 Tus&Lus Slippers

The Sims 4 Tus&Lus Slippers by Madlen are just what your Sims need to keep their feet snug and warm during the winter months.

Inspired by the comfort and style of Ugg slippers, this set offers two different designs, allowing your Sims to lounge in style or shuffle around their home in toasty comfort.

29.Sims 4  Mr & Mrs Winter Coat Set By joliebean

Sims 4  Mr & Mrs Winter Coat Set

I love duffle coats so the moment I saw this, it was instantly downloaded it comes in 12 swatches and is one of those coats that go with everything.

It comes with a short female cot as well, which would be cute for a smart casually look it comes in 20 swatches and I’m the loving tartan look.

30. Sims 4 Camo Puff Jackets By streneesims

Sims 4 Camo Puff Jackets

Imagine the joy of your Sims family matching in stylish winter puffer jackets for a fun outing!

Well, now you can make that wish come true with these fabulous matching winter puffer jackets.

I adore the khaki print and the fact that it offers a wide range of 30 swatches to choose from, going beyond the usual colors.

Plus, it’s base game compatible.

31. Sims 4 Wool Gloves Recolor By wyattssims

Sims 4 Wool Gloves Recolor

Have you been looking for some fluffy winter gloves to add to your sims’ wardrobe? Look no further!

The Sims 4 Wool Gloves Recolor by wyattssims offers a cute and cozy option for your sims.

There is a wide selection of 55 vibrant colors available.

You will need the mesh for these to work so make sure to download that as well.

32. Sims 4 Mlys’ Woollen Scarf Recolored By puderosasims

Sims 4 Mlys’ Woollen Scarf Recolored

If you’re in search of a wool winter scarf available in a variety of vibrant colors, look no further than this one, with 35 swatches.

Could I possibly request one in each color, please?

33. Sims 4 Zest Jacket By Nords

Sims 4 Zest Jacket

Female sims can never have too many winter jackets, so here’s another one to add to their collection.

34. Sims 4 1920 Inspired Coat By javitrulovesims

Sims 4 1920 Inspired Coat

Are you doing a 1920s Let’s Play or the Decades Challenge and looking for a winter coat? This Moll’s coat is perfect.

I love the fur and the fact that it comes with both a white fur option and a brown fur option.

35. Sims 4 Christmas Sweater By streneesims

Sims 4 Christmas Sweater

Winter wouldn’t be complete without the quintessential Christmas sweater. Here is a collection of 7 unique Christmas sweaters for you to choose from.

It also includes some additional Christmas shirts for toddlers

36. Sims 4 Bernand Boots By Madlen

Sims 4 Bernand Boots

Embrace the rugged chic of the Sims 4 Bernand Boots by Madlen; perfect for giving your Sims a touch of Doc Martens-inspired style that’s versatile enough to dress up or down.

Sims 4 Winter CC Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are countless options available to add a touch of winter magic to your Sims 4 game.

From festive decorations, cozy clothing, and fun accessories, the possibilities for creating the perfect winter wonderland are endless.

Have any questions or know of any other cool Sims 4 Winter CC? Leave a comment below or tag us on Tumblr.

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